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Canny Craic Theatre Company
Presents - The Butcher's Bill

No Man's Land - 1916: A heavily wounded officer stumbles upon two deserters - a shell shocked man-child and a crafty old soldier - plotting to flee south. Without their help, the officer will certainly lose leg or life, whilst helping could lead our deserters straight to the Courts-Martial.

Three unlikely companions, thrown together by circumstance and fate. All have already seen too much death and destruction: family, friends and comrades die.

Now, their own lives are at stake .... and the battle lines are drawn.

You've seen the heroes - those born for war. Others, would simple do anything to survive ....

Alington House Community Centre
4 North Bailey Durham
Tuesday 12th. June at 7:30pm.
Tickets £5
Available from Alington House, in person or by post